Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Role Reversal

Regardless of your affinity for beer add-ins—be it pumpkin spice, coffee, bourbon, chocolate, flowers, chiles or in one overtly extreme (and kinda stupid) case, sheep’s testicle—they are here, most likely here to stay, whether right, wrong or indifferent. What you don’t see much, however is beer used as a flavoring. Yeah, yeah—I know adding bottle of stout to a pot stew makes for a pretty tasty gravy, but I talking about something different. I’m talking about beer-flavored “stuff”. In the last hour I’ve seen not one, but two stories of beer being used as the main flavor two decidedly not-beery applications.

Starbucks has announced plans for a Stout Latte, and a Vermont food purveyor is making beer jelly. Yes. that’s right I said jelly. Like "toast and jelly" jelly.

Beer flavored coffee and beer flavored jelly, eh? If this is the start of a movement for not-beer to start tasting like beer, how long do we have to wait for beer to loop back around and start tasting like itself again?

Bah-dum-bum! I'm in town all week folks. Try the veal its the best in the city.

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