Friday, August 30, 2013

Setting the Standard

We at drinkdrank strive for powerful and evocative beer journalism. We pride ourselves on our efforts to bring our readers the highest level of reporting on the issues of the utmost importance. While other blogs may pander to the lowest common denominator, drinkdrank covers only those stories truly relevant to the brewing industry, its history, culture and consumers. This is an ongoing commitment to our readers, and we aim to be the bench mark by which beer writing and reporting is judged by.

With that, drinkdrank is very pleased to present:

The Top 5 Beers Preferred By Cheating Men 

5. Budweiser 
4. San Miguel
3. Peroni
2. Corona
1. Guinness

As reported on the Huffington Post, the U.K-based, pro-cheating website Illicit Encounters has surveyed its adulterous members, and reveled that Guinness, a beer oft-referred to as "good for you" is on the top of the list, for those most likely to be unfaithful. The group has also found that generally, the seditious-minded have a tendency to drink less than their more loyal counterparts.

What more needs to be said?  

Hard. Hitting. Journalism.


  1. And THAT is why drinkdrank is first stop of they day for important beer related news. Couldn't live without it.

    Note to self: avoid men who drink the above listed beers.
    Reply to self note: you already do. Good job!


  2. Jerry Springer's got nuthin' on ol' drinkdrank.