Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The iTunes Phenomenon

I've discovered something about myself recently.

"The Swag" - Link Wray
"Extradition" - Ice Cube
"Camarillo Brillo" - Frank Zappa
"Solea" - Miles Davis & Gill Evans
"Cono" - Salif Keita
"Tailgunner" - Iron Maiden
"Lee Majors Come Again" - Beastie Boys
"Lost in the Supermarket" - The Clash
"North to Alaska" - Johnny Horton
"Death or Glory" - Motörhead

Those are the last ten songs played from my iTunes. Nothing to far afield, but I'd say it's a fairly broad range of musical styles and genre. A little punk, metal, old-school country, jazz and rap. For as long as I've been able to throw digitized music onto the computer (or my phone) I've just dumped it there and let it play—no rhyme or reason. Whatever comes on, comes on. I've recently added the Pandora app on my phone and iPad—it's taken the whole unsystematic concept to another level.

So what does this have to do with beer—this is a beer blog after all?

Well, I'm starting realize that my varied musical taste—or randomness therein—reflects my beer drinking habits as well. For the proverbial shits and giggles, I jotted down the last ten beers I've drank, just to see if this randomness was a naturally occurring character trait or if I leaned one way or another beer-wise. Heres' the result:

Sierra Nevada Summerfest
Rushing Duck Naysayer
Home brewed Dunkelweizen
Sixpoint Brownstone
Southern Tier IPA
Cricket Hill East Coast Lager
Saison DuPont
J.W. Lees Manchester Star
Session Black lager
Victory Alt

There you go. Ten bottles (or pints, as it were) and ten different kinds of beer. No repeats in brewery or style—and I swear I picked them subconsciously. Even, the music repeated genres, but not the beer.

All said and done, I apparently like to drink my beer in shuffle mode.

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