Monday, May 27, 2013

Lest We Forget

U.S. Army officers posing with captured German
steins during the first World War.
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The men of the 300th Combat Engineers kicking back a few bottles.
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U.S. Air Force fighter pilots enjoy a break
from the Korean War, in early 1953.
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Sailors on board the USS Collenton drinking—what appears
to be—Ballantine, during the Vietnam conflict.
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SPC Sung Kim (R) and his friend SPC Contreras (L) sampling $1 Heinekens
and Coronas, at Camp Lemonnier in Dijbouti, during Operation: Iraqi Freedom.
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  1. You've reminded me of my favourite US in Iraq story from Forward Operating Base Kalsu.

    1. FOB Kalsu was founded by the 105th MP Co., a NYNG unit out of Buffalo. Bob Kalsu was an All-American football, as well as an 8th round, 1968 draft pick for the Buffalo Bills, who was killed in Vietnam. FOBs are generally named after those KIA, so your comment is especially appropriate today.

  2. Memorial Day has its roots in Decoration Day from the American Civil War [ACW].
    ... The initiator being the GAR [Grand Army of the Republic (Union veterans)] or the UDC [United Daughters of the Confederacy] depending our your inclination.
    ... There were not many breweries in the Colorado Territory during the ACW; probably dozens in the State of New York.