Thursday, April 11, 2013

No Can Do

I have become increasingly confused by the re-design and re-development of the beer can. I had always thought the genius of the beer can lie in its simplicity.

Apparently I was wrong.

As a side note, I once cut the piss out of my hand (between my left thumb and index finger) on a cat food can lid, that looked suspiciously like the discarded lid in the picture.

Just sayin’

By the way, isn’t this opening the floodgates for bee infested barbecue and picnic beer?


  1. I guess people always want to try something new to retain and attract consumer interest. However, I believe the current traditional (lift-tab) aluminum can is better than this new version, there seems less risk of spillage when used outdoors, it is possibly safer from the standpoint you mentioned and there is one piece of metal to safely dispose of not two.

    It kind of looks odd to me too, I think a tin of beer looks better without a gaping top like that when opened. Oh well, just saying.


    1. Personally, I've always seen the can—and for that matter the bottle—as the thing that holds the beer.

  2. Bees need a break.
    .. given neonicotinoid appear to be killing 'em
    Just saying.

    1. You might be onto something—a new charity event—"Beers for Bees"

  3. Wow. There are actually cans that open like soup cans? Rivertowne Brewery that's local to Pittsburgh has interesting can designs. They're kind of attractive. I like Maui Brewing's cans as well.