Friday, April 26, 2013

News from Portlandia

Have you read Jeff Alworth's blog Beervana?

If YES — The manuscript for his newest book, The Beer Bible, will be done next week, and it's set for release next fall (2014). It's a comprehensive tome on all things beer, conceived by Workman Publishing, the folks behind the über-selling The Wine Bible. Jeff has been tapping away at his keyboard and chipping away at the book since mid-2011, collecting information on beer history, regions, techniques, characteristics and just about every other nuanced area of beer and brewing you can think of—he even included a blurb on Albany Ale!

Jeff's previous foray into the beery book world was his early 2012 released Beer Tasting Tool Kit, published by Chronicle Books and available at Powell's,  IndieBound and Amazon.

If NO — Get thee to forthwith! Seriously, Jeff is without-a-doubt one the best beer writers on "the scene" today (not like the schlock that oozes from this portal). Originally conceived as a Portland-based beer blog, Jeff has transcended that city—and quite honestly the Pacific Northwest, as a whole. He is one of the most informed beer writers I've ever read. What I greatly appreciate most, however, is that he hasn't drank the craft beer Kool-Aide. Of course he writes about it, but he doesn't evangelize it. Jeff writes about beer—good or bad, macro or craft, old and new—beer in all its forms.

Truthfully, Jeff is the kind of writer that I aspire to be and Beervana is the kind of blog I hope drinkdrank will become.

So, go and read his blog.

Buy his books, too.


  1. Forthwith? I might have to steal some of your vocabulary. Love using long words.

  2. Craig, you are way too kind. I appreciate the plugs and will endeavor to live up to this high praise. Or at least bat .250.

    1. They're probably going to put a DH in for me.