Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Enough About You, Let's Talk About Me

Lord knows I love a little gratuitous self-promotion, so here goes:

This Thursday the Times Union, will be featuring an article (both in print and on-line) about Albany Ale, written by the paper's venerable restaurants and arts writer, Steve Barnes. I bored Steve for 40 minutes during a phone interview last week, knowing full well, he's going to have to hear the whole thing again during my talk at the Hudson Valley Hops event at the Albany Institute of History & Art.

Good sport, that Mr. Barnes.

Placing second after Steve—in terms of those needing your pity—comes Bob Barrett, a long-time voice on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio. Bob was also subjected to my blatherings about Albany Ale during an interview I did with him for Midday Magazine, this past Friday. In my defense, they asked me—they'll never make that mistake again, but it was them who asked.

For those of you living in the WAMC/Northeast Public Radio listening area, keep your ears on (as the gear jammers say) this upcoming Saturday, between noon and 1 p.m, for that little gem. It'll be on their website after that as well—because you'll want to hear it four or five times in a row.

Lastly, there are still tickets available for the Hudson Valley Hops event at the Albany Institute of History & Art—they can be purchased for $25 on the Institute's website. Please do not bring tomatoes to throw, and there will be no refunds given, regardless of how badly I go down in flames. There will, however, be beer, so there's that.

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Okay, I'm done promoting.

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