Saturday, February 2, 2013

Superbeer Sunday

I've decided to cash in on the most watched sporting event in the United States, with what is, obviously its least exiting alternative—a web poll. Hey, the Puppy bowl had 8.5 million viewers last year—I'm getting in on that action.

Either way—just for shits and giggles—let's see who wins in a head to head match-up between the San Francisco '49ers hometown brew Anchor Steam, and the Baltimore Raven's ville de la bière, Clipper City's Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA. As far as I know the head brewers for each brewery are not brothers, nor has anybody at those respective breweries been indicted for murder.

I have no idea what the odds are in Vegas, but you can vote for either beer on the right of your screen.

Let's just chalk this up to the usual, hard-hitting journalism brought to you be drinkdrank. 


  1. I'll go with the biased home-region pick of Anchor Steam, though I prefer their Liberty Ale. Been a while since I tried that one, but I do have some very fond memories of it.

    1. I thought about going with the Liberty, but I decided to go with each brewery's anchor—pun intended—brews. So, Anchor Steam won out.

  2. I have a slight preference for the 49ers over the Ravens; but, ...

    For beer, I prefer most IPAs [West Coast-, East Coast-, British-style] over the hybrid California Common style of beer.