Monday, January 28, 2013

It's not About Albany Ale, But... is about brewing in New York—Brooklyn, New York to be exact.

I read a story on the Daily New's website about three guys—John Weber, Kim Bjorheim, and Bennett Aube—who after taking a tour of Brooklyn's former and current breweries, decided to make a movie.

Yeah, that's right, a movie. A 50-minute documentary called Brewed in Brooklyn, actually.

In making the moviethe trio interviewed historians, spoke with current Brooklyn brewers, and even talked with borough's home brewing community. From Miss Rheingold to world's smallest production brewery at Coney Island—the boys unearthed the history of what they refer to as the "one-time brewing capital of the U.S."

I might have a little issue with that title.

I'll stifle my opinions on the capitol-ness of New York State's brewing history—this time—because the boys need a little help. The guts of the production are done, but the fellas' have started a kickstarter campaign to raise the last $20,000—to put in all the finishing touches—like music and editing. That's worth 20 large, right?

How about I let them explain...

Pledging ends at 5:36pm EDT on Sunday, March 10, 2013.

Got that? Not 5:37. Not 5:40. 5:36pm EDT.

So, go and check-out their kickstarter page and give a few bucks, for a good beery cause and maybe you'll see your name in the credits. 

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