Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three Degrees of Separation

I've never been to Oregon, let alone Portland. I've never had any of Occidental Brewing Co.'s beer. In fact I'm pretty sure you can't even get it outside the greater Portland area, and certainly not 3,000 miles away, in New York.

Yet, I'm writing about them.

Technically, Jeff Allworth of Beervana wrote about them first—and chose them as this year's recipient of his Satori Award for the best beer released by an Oregon brewery or brew pub. Technically—again—the Satori was half a Satori, but that's his story to tell.

So, why am I writing about them?

Beery coincidences, that's why—and who doesn't love the beery coincidence?

I have a friend, and fellow Little League board member—Casey Seiler*—who also happens to be a pretty phenomenal journalist. Not like this blog is "journalism," but a bona fide, spells things right, journalist—technically (again, again?) he's the state editor and a columnist for the Albany Times Union. Why anybody would want to write about anything other than beer is beyond me, but he does a pretty good job at it. Aside from being a great writer and friend Casey also has a brother-in-law. A brother-in-law named Dan Engler. A brother-in-law who also happens to own a brewery called Occidental.

See, beery coincidences—and a free plug for Occidental. If you live in Portland, or your traveling there, go check them out. Let me know if the beer is as good as Jeff says. Or, better yet, bring me some.

I'm looking at you Casey.

*Casey contributed a number of the bottle caps, lacquered into the bar in the photo on Jeff's blog. I bet you're glad you know that now.

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