Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waxing Poetically: The International Stout Day Haiku Contest

As usual, I'll get the ball rolling...

Velvety pitch black 
milk, dry, sweet, imperial
Midnight in my glass

Oh yeah, that's some epic verse, right there. What have you got?

You can post here, or to me at @drinkdrank1 on twitter (remember to include the #StoutDay and #DDISDHC* hashtags). I'll announce the winner (and the prize) next week—so bring it!

*drinkdrank International Stout Day Haiku Contest, that is.


  1. Stout: once craft's focus.
    But roasted bite ain't a hop.
    Tear drops on cream heads.

  2. My first Guinness was
    a lot like mud, but then I
    just eight at the time

    1. Revising my grammatically incorrect entry:

      My first Guinness was
      like mud, only then I was
      just eight at the time

  3. spooky, i had 'midnight in a glass' as a line also!!!

    Engine oil colour
    chilli, oatmeal, chocolate
    brewdog up to ten

    The bottle's last drop
    like a black gold tear it falls
    perfection acheived