Thursday, November 1, 2012

Of Poetry and #Stoutday

Yeah, yeah, I know I promised something about a menu today. But, you may have heard that New York City is a bit damp of late and so, apparently are the New York Public Library's internet servers, so no menu post—again.

That has no bearing on the fact that this upcoming November 8th (that's one week from today), is International Stout Day, and therefore it is—as it is on every International (insert your choice of beer style) Day—a time to honor our malty friend with Japanese, 5–7–5 syllabic, poetry. That's right folks, it's time once again for the 2nd Annual International Stout Day Haiku Contest.

You may remember last year's winner:

vanilla slips in
dark magic takes hold of me
roasted bliss deepens

Now that's poetry!

But wait—you think you can do better? 

By all means enter early and enter often (in the comments box here on the blog, or email your entry(ies) to me at between now and Thursday, for you chance to win fabulous prizes! Okay, maybe they're not fabulous, and maybe it's more like prize than prizes, but it's still free swag, right?

So, get ready to get your kireji on, and I'll catch you back here on the 8th!

Konichiwa bitches.


  1. I see I'm gonna have to defend my title then.
    Bring it on!!

  2. Y'all here that!? The gauntlet has been thrown!