Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's the Best Kind of Beer?

Free beer—bah dum bum!

Yes, I do on occasion receive free beer. Be it from friends or at an Oktoberfest in Canada, one of the hazards of writing a beer blog is the burden of free beer. I’ve had beer mailed to me, and I’ve had beer bought for me. I have not had beer hand-selected for me—from locations across the country—and then delivered to me at work.

Today, that all changed. 

Drinkdrank follower and all-around good guy, Jack Box emailed me a few weeks ago (you might remember Jack from such fabulous posts as Canundrum Part 2: Jack-Attack). He wanted to let me know that he and his lovely wife were cruising cross-country and would just happen to be in Albany, with a bag full o’ brew for yours truly. Yup, that’s right these two Coloradans were traveling 2000 miles just to give me beer. Okay, so, that might not be the only reason they were traveling east, but in my mind it is.

So what did he bring? Small Craft Uber Pils and Polestar Pils from Heavy Seas and Left Hand, as well as Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout; plus a mess of IPAs from Odells, Yards, Highland, Flying Fish, Asheville, Ska and Marshall’s Atlas from Oklahoma—I didn’t even know there was beer in Oklahoma! In all fairness, I did reciprocate with a six-pack of New York’s best. But, honestly, the furthest I traveled was to Price Chopper, so match point to Mr. Box.

In all seriousness, Jack has been a supporter of drinkdrank since almost the beginning. So, thank you Jack, for the beer, but more so for just reading—and please keep reading—Cheers!

Now then, I’ve got a mess of free beer to drink, and it’s not going to drink itself.


  1. Mr. Gravina,

    Glad to be the Beery Santa. I delivered beers in Okla., NC, SC, NJ, and in NY to you and a Utica beery mate just met.

    We overnighted in Utica at the home of the mother of a Colorado friend. Jane's two daughters [and husbands] host us for dinner. Ted had a kegerator of Saranac Big Moose Ale and a half dozen Saranac and Ommegang bombers. All mighty fine.

    I took away several 12oz bottles of Saranac and Ommegang and a can of Utica Club.

    Beer is a fabric on which to experience ... Life.

    1. So far, Jack, the Flying Fish IPA has been my favorite.