Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Ruins Everything

Storm King— get it?
I have to admit for today's post I had every intention of writing this great piece about an image of a beery dinner menu from a late 19th-century, Albany hotel. Unfortunately Sandra (Sandra is here real name, she just goes by Sandy so she doesn't sound snooty), has put a bit of a scare into the greater New York City metropolitan area, thusly resulting in the closure of the New York Public Library system, including its internet services—the source of said image. Plans have been altered, accordingly.

Albany, while still on Sandy's route north, is expected to only take a glancing blow (I say that now). I have decided to simply sit back in my house for the evening, watch the all the ruckus and as they say, if I can't beat her, join her—with an appropriately named treat from Victory.

So, stay tuned on Thurday for the menu post, and if you're in the storm's path, batten down the hatches, be safe and most importantly—protect the beer.

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