Monday, August 6, 2012

The Session #66: The Wrap-Up

What a fantastic turn out it was this month! Thanks to every one who contributed, it was a blast to host! I do have to apologize for not commenting on everyone's site, but it's recently come to my attention that a good number of blogs see my URL as spam, and therefore my comments end up on the dark side of the moon. In any case, I did read them all and was astonished by the number of contributor's and the creativity those contributions. Well done—all.

In reading all the posts, I noticed two near constants. First, almost everyone said, "I love all beer, and it's the the diversity of beer that makes it great, so I couldn't possibly pick one, single beer." I'll offer a case-in-point, from Jon over at 10th Day Brewing. Apparently, it's impossible to pick pick the perfect beer, and yet everyone seems to come up with a pretty good answer to the question. Secondly, like politics, the middle if the road seems to be less represented than the fringes. A far broader showing for higher octane brews and those at the opposite end of the spectrum—the 4.5% and below, set of session tipples. Those 5, 6 and 7 percent-ers seemed few and far between. Ryan and Alan, of Growler Fills, prove this point with their dueling One Beers.

Aside from the broader strength and diversity issues, the beery blogoshpere split itself in a number of partisan factions—the Stylists (the largest groups), the Realists, the Literalists, the Mixologists, the Technicians and the Dreamers. Each unique to itself, although a few similarities may occur cross-category. Generally, however, all the contributions fell into one of these groups—not to pigeon hole anyone, it just worked out that way. There is one exception, but I'll deal with that one at the end. So, here goes:

The Stylists are not hair-dressers—at least not in this exercise—they are, however, those who chose their One Beer to be of a pre-determined set of guidelines.

Beers I've Known's Steve gets funky and black with his post.

Leigh over at The Good Stuff leans paler.

Mr. David, at Good Morning..., waxes romantic.

Pete, of Pete Drinks, who is contributing to his very first Session, goes in for a brew he named Four Candles.

Something Belgian with an American twist is what, What We're Drinking is on about.

Chris, at whoisbrew, asks to have pretension left at the door when it comes to his extra special brew.

Beer Search Party Sean has a Helles of a time with his One Beer.

Greg, at The Pour Curator, knows exactly what his perfect beer, and it's red and sour.

Eslem, a.k.a Mr Moustache, over at In Cervesio Felicitas adds his citrusy two cents—and in Spanish, no less!

Jon, at the Brew Site, takes a little inspiration from Middle-Earth.

The Realists, take the Stylists idea and turn it up a notch. Not only do they pick a style but they took it a step forward and chose an actual, on-the-market beer.

The one and only Beer Nut zeros-in on a trio of Dutch-brewed, barrel-aged Imperial Stouts...

...while Mark, at rock n roll beverage, wishes he could tweak a beer from his youth.

Beer Tinted Spectacles chief David, is Going Back to Cali

Next up are the Literalists—those bloggers who took the challenge literally, and imagined a single beer that could be everything to everyone. 

Newcomer, pintsizedticker, imagines a Wonka-esque brew of endless possibilities, but brings it back down to earth at the end.

Hophead Curtis, of HopHeadSaid, conjures a beer that solves the pesky question of what to drink when—regardless of your mood.

David of othertonsles, however, takes the gold in this category by imagining a beer that metamorphosizes as it's being consumed.

Mixologists take the best bits from one beer or another, and like mad-scientists, build they're One Beer, one piece at a time.

Jay, at A Beer in Hand is Worth Two in the Fridge, takes a note from Mary Shelly and builds some good memories.

Likely Moose Looke benefits from some divine inspiration.

Beerbecue decided that a little experiment was in order—including a visual aid, complete with a soundtrack by the Cramps.

Red, bitter, smokey and boozy are Beer Bar Band James' requirements for his One Beer.

The Technicians said, "I can brew the One Beer, and here's how"

John at the Home Brew Manual says all he knows is, that the best beer is the next one—but he's willing to brew up a batch of Oatmeal Stout just in case it's the One.

Mark, from Kaedrin Beer Blog, proposes a high-octane, barrel-aged, Stout or Barleywine (or perhaps a Belgian Quad) that smacks of American hops.

The Dreamers—ah, the Dreamers—are those beery souls who took the challenge in another direction all together.  

November of 1842 was the place to be, for Al at Fuggled.

Simon dreamed a little dream over at The Reluctant Scooper.

Beersay's Phil... well, uh... Phil and his Mood Beer are bent on world domination.

...and then there was one. The one that doesn't fit.

The good doctor McLeod has gone and turned the whole thing on its ear.



  1. Nice work hosting and posting! Thanks again.

    1. Much obliged! It's a lot of work, but it's worth it.

  2. Well done for seeing through the variety of responses and spotting the underlying patterns.

    Thanks for an entertaining summary!

  3. It was a great topic. Sorry we didn't get chance to write a post.

    1. No worries, I'm sure there will be "a next time"!