Thursday, August 16, 2012

Political Science

Whoa, two politically-motivated posts in one week—a drinkdrank record. It's not much of a record, but who's counting?

Anywho, the Des Moines and are both reporting that the White House has gotten into the craft-beer biz. During a press conference in the Hawkeye State, White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed that the most famous residence in the country is indeed brewing its own beer—the appropriately named White House Honey Ale. Carney who admittedly, didn't know much about the beer, did confirm that the brew comes in two iterations—light and dark—and the honey is locally sourced. In fact it's so local it comes from the White House garden.

According to the Des Moines, a local Knoxvillian (Iowa, not Tennessee) engaged the Prez in a beery conversation, which resulted in the Beer-Drinker-in-Chief retrieving a full bottle of the White House brew from his campaign bus, and presenting to the supporter.

Here's my only issue with this. The President has come to the Capitol Region twice—twice—and I've yet to get a free bottle of beer—and I voted for him.    


  1. You got a laugh from me.

    Last April, the Prez included The Sink Restaurant and Bar in his visit. The Sink is
    - a legendary Boulder Burger Institution / a Boulder landmark
    - 'On The Hill' adjacent to the campus of the UC-Boulder
    - purveys a large selection of craft beer

    Point is, the Prez is working his way toward quality beer.

    Back in the 1960s / 3.2 only beer days, The Sink, allegedly, sold more bottles of beer than any other bar in the USA; 700 cases on a typical Friday afternoon. Today, it fits the dive bar description, excepting a bevy of buxom, Boulder beauties.

  2. He's progressed from his Bud Light days of the "Beer Summit", so there's HOPE yet.