Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Red, White and Brew

Okay, so I've got a little Independence Day challenge for you. Here goes:

Out of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, seven of them brewed beer—either for a living or as a hobby. Who were they?

I can think of three.

Happy Fourth, everybody!


  1. Non-trivial quest. More than 30 minutes of 'directed' Google search revealed only 04.
    John Adam
    Samuel Adams
    Thomas Jefferson
    Benjamin Rush

    I started a brute force search
    | "signers name" brewer homebrewer |
    but abandon it as too inefficient.

    So, I await my edification.

  2. The three I know of were Franklin (he noted a recipe for small beer), Samuel Adams (obviously--but I hadn't heard about John), and Jefferson. So, now were up to five!

  3. No additional identified brewers; but, other signers related to beer.
    o John Hancock, the first signer of that famous document, was an alcohol dealer.
    o William Whipple' father was a brewer
    o Israel Putnam publishes a pamphlet, which advocates beer as a wholesome liquor compared with other spirits as it abounds with nourishment.

  4. I found Whipple, as well. I wonder if he worked as a brewer, or apprenticed alongside his father--I'll have to look into that. I also came across a note about Benjamin Rush--while he advocated against "spirits" he was pro "malt liquor"!