Monday, July 30, 2012

On the Road

Looking at my blog roll, I noticed a neat little trend in the beery blogosphere, this week. Three of my beer-minded compatriots have written about both beer and travel. Maybe these like-minded writers all have the travel bug, or perhaps it's just the summer-time thing to do—hitting the road in search of beer, that is. In any case, have a read at how...

...a ten hour trip brought some good rewards for A Good Beer Blog's, Alan McLeod.

...a little preparation and technology helps Jay Zeis, of A Beer in Hand is Worth Two in the Fridge, track down those-out-of-the way beer bars and local brews when he's road-tripping.

...Jay Brooks of Brookston Beer Bulletin, thinks the Travel Channel did at picking their top "7 Beer Destination." Technically, Jay isn't traveling, but his post is close enough—and a really great read.

A review, some tips and tricks and a look at a "best of list"—three takes on a similar topic. It's like a mini Session (which, by the way, I'm hosting this month.) As for me, my beery summer traveling days are done. This fall, however, is another story...


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