Friday, May 25, 2012

Duh-nuh, Nun-uh, Nun-uh, You Say It's Your Birthday!

Not only is this my 150th post, but today is also drinkdrank's 1st birthday—oh, they grow up so fast! To celebrate, I thought I'd do a retrospective of some of my favorite posts from this last year—a beery clip-show, if you will.

Uh, it's the thought that counts.
First up, Tropic Thunder, from June 8, 2011. This post was just fun to write—compare and contrast three Foreign Extra Stouts, what could be bad about that? Plus, it was in the 80ºs when I did, so it really felt tropical!

Two are up for July 2011, The Session 53: 12-Steps to Beer Snob Redemption, from the 1st of July, and The South Shall Rise Again from the 16th. 12-Steps was just a blast to write and my first official leap into The Sessions; while my foray into the South Carolina beer scene, in The South Shall Rise Again was great to see beer from another perspective. The South is getting ready to explode onto the craft beer scene and seeing that growth first hand was amazing. Southern breweries have a lot to offer—especially Brock and Roddy at New South Brewing in Myrtle Beach, so keep your eyes out for some great southern beers.

Fast forward to October, and my introduction of John Taylor, for my next favorite post. This one was along time coming. Alan and I had been knee deep in the Albany Ale research for quite a while before I wrote about it and The Session 56: Thanks to John Taylor—the Original American Big Boy, gave me the perfect opportunity to finally write about Albany Ale.

Baseball and beer are a great combo and I touched upon both, in the midst of an egregious scandal involving the Boston Red Sox, fried chicken and beer. William Marcy's line of "to the victor go the spoils" rings true in Getcha' Beer Here! Just Not in the Dugout. This October post has everything—Keith Hernandez, Seinfeld references and cigarettes.

I get verklempt thinking about my homage to Chanukah, in my On the Tenth First Day Night of Christmas Chankah... post of December 20th. It's these two line that I personally enjoy:
Oy, with the schleping all over the town already! All this work, with the writing and the drinking, why do I bother? 
I never thought of myself as a particularly good writer—and I still don't—but I think I should include Simplicity, from January of this year, after Max of Pivní Filosof, left this comment about my post on Full Sail's line of Lagers:
This must be one of the best beer reviews I've read in a long, long time. I haven't drunk those beers, of course, but after reading your post I couldn't help but getting the impression that you've understood those beer perhaps even better than the brewer. Brilliant writing.
You have know idea how much that means to me. Thanks again Max.

In a fit of self indulgence, my designer geek out-weighed my beer geek in Gratuitous Self-Promotion from this past April. I thought you guys might like to see how pervasive beer can be—hell, it's affecting my work!

Last but not least my personal favorite post is actually one of my first posts, it's Gone for a Burton, from May 30, 2011. Most of you know I'm a big WWII buff, and when I came across the photo of the USAAC ground crew standing around casks of beer, I knew I had a great post in the making. I think if someone were to ask which of my 150 post best sums up me, I'd have to point to this one. Gone for a Burton really is my heart and soul.

That's it—them's my favorites.

Thanks to everybody who reads and please, keep reading. As much as I love the process of writing about beer and drinking beer—and drinking more beer—it's your comments that drive me to continue on with this endeavour. Honestly, I think the next 12 months are going to be more fun than the last!


  1. Congrats on your anniversary.

    I am compelled to go back and read all post referenced.

    I am both blessed and cursed; to wit:
    ... Some much beery information; so little time.

    1. Jack, your readership alone makes this whole thing worth while!

  2. great first year fella!!!!