Monday, April 30, 2012

There Can Be Only One

I bet you guys thought I forgot about this, huh?

The #Sessionbeerday Haiku Contest yielded a response dwarfed the #International Stout Day Haiku Contest, and simply blew away the drinkdrank Facebook Fan Page Photo Contest. The number of entries was simply staggering this go round. Okay, that last bit may have been a little over the top, but anyway, check out what came in:

From Derrick Peterman of Ramblings of a Beer Runner:

Some Huge IPA?
Not today. Make mine the great
Polygamy Porter

And, who could forget Paul Arnold from Blood, Stout and Tears:

another payday
hours become friendship over beer
another bitter

They've both got a few extra syllables here and there—but who's counting? That being said, one entrant stands out—and I wrestled with this one because he also happens to be one of my best friends. David Kennedy, also known as Gravey, entered not on, not two but four poems!

The happy lil' goat
On the green and yellow can
Springtime Genny-style

Instructions for life
Enjoy friends, good food, good beer
Repeat as needed

My favorite beer?
The answer is all too clear
The one drank with friends.

Arsenal is losing
Wigan from out of nowhere
Sweet beer ease my pain

My personal favorite is number three. All of the poems entered really exemplify what session drinking is all about. Sessions aren't just a low-alcohol beer thing, they're really about the time spent with good friends over a pint. I think Gravey embraced that with his entries. So, Gravey, being local, you get your choice of a sixer from Oliver's and (wait for it...) the opportunity to drink it with me! Seeing as he was the Best Man in my wedding, I think he'll be cool with that.

Congrats to Gravey, and thanks to everybody else for contributing!

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