Saturday, April 7, 2012

#Sessionbeerday Haiku Contest

That's right boys and girls, it's haiku-contest time again, and thanks to Lew Bryson, we all have a reason to write session beer-related poetry this time.

So, lay a little a 5–7–5 on me in the comments area, and whoever nails those sweet seventeen syllables the best, gets some swag sent their way. In the meantime, let me blow your minds with these:

one and two and three
laugh and debate with friends
another pint sir

in the pub at five
maybe time for one more still
leave the pub at nine

Oh yeah, that's the stuff.


  1. Some Huge IPA?
    Not today. Make mine the great
    Polygamy Porter

  2. The happy lil' goat
    On the green and yellow can
    Springtime Genny-style

  3. Instructions for life
    Enjoy friends, good food, good beer
    Repeat as needed

  4. arn of Blood, Stout and Tears submitted this one—which Blogger then proceeded to eat.

    another payday
    hours become friendship over beer
    another bitter

    Sorry for the delay, arn!

  5. My favorite beer?
    The answer is all too clear
    The one drank with friends.

  6. For the Premier league fans out there on DD:

    Arsenal is losing
    Wigan from out of nowhere
    Sweet beer ease my pain

  7. sunday homecoming -
    the world is being remade
    around guzzling pints