Monday, March 5, 2012

Photo Finish: The DrinkDrank Facebook Fan Page Photo Contest

A while back I put together a simple fan page for our beloved DrinkDrank on Facebook. All was good with the world, until Facebook insisted that I add a "cover" photo. What am I to do? My digital hands are bound, they're bending my will to conform to their constructs—all in the name of more "Likes." I am but a pawn in Mark Zuckerberg's game.

All right, maybe it's not as Orwellian as all that, but every time I go to the page the "Add a cover photo" button taunts me. So I've decided to remedy the situation by having you do my dirty work. Here's my proposition: While I am a decent graphic designer, I am an abysmal photographer. So, taking inspiration from Alan's Yuletide photo contest, I am also offering a wee competition—a chance for your beery photo to grace the top part of the drinkdrank fan page AND win prizes.

"Prizes?" You say.

Yes, prizes! Not only will your photograph (credited with your name and/or blog address, of course) be seen by hundreds (or tens) of people on The Official DrinkDrank Facebook Fan Page, the winning photographer will also win their choice of one of Pete Browns' books Man Walks Into a Pub, Three Sheets to the Wind, Hops and Glory or Stan Hieronymous' Brewing With Wheat  or Brew Like a Monk. You may ask, "What if I own and have already read Pete Brown's, Man Walks Into a PubThree Sheets to the WindHops and Glory or Stan Hieronymous' Brewing With Wheat  and Brew Like a Monk"? Or, "I am Pete Brown/Stan Hieronymous, so I don't need another copy of Man Walks Into a PubThree Sheets to the WindHops and Glory, Brewing With Wheat or Brew Like a Monk."

 Fear not, I will offer another fabulous prize in lieu of Man Walks Into a PubThree Sheets to the WindHops and Glory, Brewing With Wheat or Brew Like a Monk.
One catch, however, I am going to ask that all participants—and non-participants for that matter—"like" The Official DrinkDrank Facebook Fan Page. Yeah, yeah I know that's Orwellian, too, but we've all got our crosses to bare. The contest, and ends one month from now, on Thursday, April 5. Throughout the month, send the pics to, I'll post entries here, and on the 6th I'll announce the winner and post the winning pic on Facebook!

See, fun and prizes—but, as always, please no wagering.