Thursday, February 9, 2012

Did Chuck Schumer Steal My Idea?

drinkdrank recognizes the
Senator from New York.
Every week I troll Google News for tidbits about the beery state of the world. Usually, what pops up are stories about how Florida muggers are stealing six-packs rather than wallets or how beer pong led to someone getting an arrow through their forehead. This week's foray yielded a slightly different, yet strangely familiar, journalistic tale. The Gothamist's Jen Chung reported a story about how, New York Senator Chuck Schumer (D), made a beery Superbowl bet with New Hampshire Senator, Jeanne Shaheen. Long story short if the Pats won, Schumer would have to buy enough New Hampshire made Smuttynose for the entire U.S. Senate. If the Giants won (which they did), it would be brew from six different New York breweries, that Shaheen would have to cough up the money for. The nuts and bolts of the bet weren't exactly the same as the challenge in my post, but you have to admit, it appears that Chuck Schumer has stolen my thunder. We even picked two of the same breweries—Captain Lawrence and Ithaca. Four other breweries—Brooklyn, Blue Point, Matt's/Saranac, and Brown's— rounded out the Senator's list.

I might not always agree with Senator's Schumers politics or tactics, but I do think his I Love NY Brew campaign is great for both the State and craft beer. I just wished I could have been on the receiving end of that New York-centric six pack.

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