Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Think This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Since starting this blog back in May, I've gotten the chance to get to know a bunch of people who not only love beer, but love to write and talk about beer—from all over the world. I've gotten to know the likes of Max in the Czech Republic, Ron in Amsterdam, and Alan up in Canada. Although, I haven't actually met any of them, in person.

That is until this week.

This past Thursday, all that changed, and didn't even have to leave Albany. Ya' see, not only is Albany the home of drinkdrank, it's also the home of Chad Polenz, the proprietor and, I'll go as far to say, internet sensation, at Chad'z Beer Chad has been reviewing beer, with a little help from his video camera, for quite awhile, and has amassed a substantial following on both his blog and on YouTube. We first crossed-paths in the comments section of Zak Avery's blog, Are You Tasting the Pith?in early June. You'd think living, literally, ten minutes away from each other we'd have hooked up before now, but being  the only two beer bloggers in Albany, we're both pretty busy! Seriously, after a number of Facebook and text messages (Aren't I tech savvy?) we finally got it together.

Not only did we meet up, Chad was awesome enough to invite me to co-review on not one, but two beers and do an interview with him about my blog. Sitting in his kitchen, the first beer we broke down was Ithaca Beer Company's Alphalpha (which I pronounced alpha-alpha.) Here's the best part—I don't have to get into a long-winded description, that would take me hours to write, I'll just let the videos do the talking!

Next up, my "Interview with a Craft Beer Enthusiast" with Chad. If you ever wanted to get into my head, here's you chance. Look, we switched it up and changed seats, too.

Chad and I have a whole bunch of things planned for the future—a video review of Goose Island's Demolition, home brew swaps, another interview—next time, I'll interview him—and I'm sure we'll figure out  some more things to do as well! Definitely head over to Chad'z Beer and his YouTube channel, and keep checking here for more collaborations from Albany best beer blogs!

Update! Chad posted our third video review—the one of Demolition—so I thought I'd tack it up here, to finish out the trilogy. Listen for my favorite line "...It's the Belgian Banana!"



  1. Yeah it's funny that even though we only live a few miles from each other, we met in the comments section of a blog from overseas! The internet is screwy and weird like that. LOL

    Although that headline was a little homo-erotic. LOL I do get the Casablanca reference, though.

    Hopefully you'll be able to make frequent to semi-frequent guest appearances considering how close we are. I always need help getting through 750ml and 22oz bottles.

    cheers man!

  2. Any help you need drinking beer, you just call.