Thursday, November 17, 2011

Live and Learn

I really wanted to like it. I mean, I really wanted to like it. It's not like I haven't had a beer cocktail before—always a big thumbs up for the Beergarita—but this was different. Conceptually it's a great—what's not to like? Practically, however, it misses the mark. What amazes me is, its popularity both in Canada and Mexico—albeit in two slightly different versions. I even consulted a bona fide Canadian on the appropriate proportions—How much of this? How much of that? On the other hand, maybe it is not the problem, maybe I am. It's not so much bad, but disappointing. It's like that one gift you desperatley want for Christmas and when the big day comes, you end up with socks, or a tie, or a book about Margaret Thatcher. I think I might have built it up in my mind to be something it never could have been—the best of both worlds—and my high-hopes were dashed by a thin, fizzy bastard-child.

I don't know, and I might be totally off-base, but count me out the next time on beer and tomato juice.


  1. Clamato. That's the stuff.

    What beers did you try? I like Rolling Rock and Clamato myself. I find plain tomato and too hoppy a beer can get sharp. Not that I drink these all the time but there are matches that work and some that suck.

  2. there are some things I simply wouldn't mix with beer, and acidic tomato juice--with or without clams--is not one of them. But... that's me.

  3. The beer needs a bit of sweetness to off set that. But I grew up with this as normal in Halifax, NS.

  4. Alan—Genny for the Red Eye and Corona (along with fresh lime juice and hot sauce) for the Cheleda. I'll give the clamato and Rolling Rock a whirl. Although, I think it might be a consistency issue for me.

    Zarathud23—Living and learning goes both ways. You might find you love beer and tomato juice.