Thursday, November 3, 2011

#International Stout Day Haiku

I've decided to start a tradition and haiku-it-up on these International (insert beer style) Days. So, here's three, for Stout Day:

Dark and bittersweet,
tan froth waits silently still.
purity in black.

Imperial heavy,
plum fruit and chocolate smooth. 
Ebony in glass.

Sweet and roasted silk,
the simple and plain result.
Ruby highlights gleam.

Feel free to wax haiku-ly in the comments section. If I get enough entries, I'll pick a winner—and as always, please, no wagering.

By the way, you can find more info about ISD—like local events—here.

12 hour ISD update: 7:30 pm – Sick, but still celebrating with Lakefront Brewery's Fuel Café Stout. Good thing we're celebrating Stout, I don't think I could taste anything else!

12 hour ISD update 2: 7:55 pm – The Fuel Café Stout is awesome paired with leftover Halloween Kit-Kats.


  1. Seriously? No love for the ancient art of Stout themed Japanese poetry?

  2. vanilla slips in
    dark magic takes hold of me
    roasted bliss deepens