Monday, November 7, 2011

And the Winner Is...

If it weren't for arn, proprietor of Blood, Stout and Tears, the International Stout Day Haiku Contest could have been a complete flop. He swooped in, at the last minute, to deliver this gem:
Stunning, absolutley stunning.

     vanilla slips in
     dark magic takes hold of me
     roasted bliss deepens

Amazing. Truly inspiring—It brings a tear to my eye, every time I read it. It's heart wrenching and delicious at the same time. On to the prizes...

Tell him what he's won Johnny!

Well, Craig! Arn will be dubbed "poet laureate" of drinkdrank from now until the next International (insert beer style) Day Haiku Contest is offered! International Beer Day is in August, 2012, so maybe he'll keep the title until then? That is unless, somebody comes up with another
International (insert beer style) Day, between now and then—which is a pretty good possibility. 

And that's not all!

He'll also recieve—THIS BRAND NEW PINT GLASS!!! (waits for applause to die down) That's right Craig, this handsome, pint glass, emblazoned with the Evans Ale/Albany Pump Station logo completes any glassware collection—and it's capable of holding 16 full ounces! Beautiful and useful!

Wow. I Poet laureate for an undetermined amount of time and a pint glass representing an Albany, NY brew pub. That's some fancy-ass swag.

Remember that the next time an International (insert beer style) Day Haiku contest comes up.

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