Monday, October 31, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

A few things I've been pondering upon a midnight dreary...

Blackened Voodoo, Hobgoblin, Maudite, Red Devil, Nightmare, Bigfoot, Leviathan, Hex, Laughing Skull, Hop Monster, Ghost Train, Cuvee De Evil, She Devil, Brasserie Fantôme, Evil Dead Red, Meshistopheles, Helltown, Dead Guy, Corne Du Diable, Hop Zombie, Bat out of Hell, Poltergeist ESB, Big Bad Wolf, Ghoul Fuel, Saison of the Witch, Jack O' Lantern, Vampire Bite, Ghost Ship, The Beast, Werewolf, Green Death, Bière Du Démon, Black Demon, WytchCraft, Emma's Coffin, Belzebuth, Howl, Devil Dog, Black Raven, Pumpkinhead, Maniac Alt, Nosferatu, Evil Twin, The One-Eyed Monster, Crop Circle Wheat, Cyclops, Succubus, Black Damnation, Diabolici, Druid Fluid, Red Banshee, Hell, Cauldron Brew, Wake Up Dead, Heart of Darkness, Curse of Jack, Kraken Stout, Mummy Train, Psycho Keller, Berserker, Hellhound On My Ale, Kelpie, Dark Lord, Black Ghost, Bock of the Bat, El Chupacabra, Troll Porter, Spooky, The Curse, Two-Headed Beast, 666, Demon, Black Dragon Mild, Frankenstein Dortmunder, Gypsy Juice, Gremlin, The Horror, Fallen Angel, Winter Warlock, Greene's Gargoyle, Old Scratch, Zombie Dust, Sea Hag IPA, Samhain Pumpkin Porter, Goblin King, Black Magik, Lucifer, Hoodoo Voodoo, Monster Ale, Gangly Ghoul, Black Cat, Jinx, Witch Doctor, Spider, Satan Red, Insidious, Zombie Apocalypse Red, Number of the Beast, Killer Bee, Vlad the Inhaler, Headless Horseman, Alien Abduction, Yeti, Black Death Porter, Pendle Witches Brew, Black Mass Stout, Babayaga, El Diablo, and Darkness.

Feel free to let me know any that I've I missed—I'm always up for another good pondering.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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