Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Beery Road Trip, of Sorts

I've been quite New York-centric of late—The Olde English, The Adirondacks, John Taylor and Albany Ale . You write what you know, I guess. So, I've decided to broaden my horizons with a new idea—a series of posts on beer samplings from a specific region, either in the U.S. or abroad, and I've decided to name this beery road trip, One For the Road. The beer might be from a city, or a province, from the east coast of South America or the great white north. I find myself becoming increasingly interested in the differences (or similarities) of beer made in specific places. What do Chicago or Mexico or Western Canada or Freystadt bring to their beer? Is there something that makes Chilean Beer, especially Chilean? Maybe, maybe not—but I intend to see for myself.

On the road again.
My plan isn't to review these beers—don't worry though, I'll mention if I like or don't like them—but rather, an overview of the beer. A sip of each place's beery soul, as it were. I'll mention a little information on the region and give some background about the breweries, but what I'm really looking for is a connection to place. I hesitate to use terroir, because it's snooty and I'm also looking for something bigger than that—can a beer embody a place? 

Chances are, I'm not going to get the opportunity to travel to, let's say Sydney, Australia, any time soon. So, my impression or expectations of each place is going to play into this, as well. That's where I'm hoping for a little reader participation might help out. So, if I come to the conclusion that beer made in Rupert-on-Freckleton tastes of unicorn farts and fairy pee; and you happen to live in the glorious heart of Rupert and think I should try your local brewery's Wildly Mild Wild Mild Ale—which happens to be made next door to your flat; and if I tried it, I'd come away with a totally new appreciation of what Rupert-on-Freckleton beer can be...Please let me know.

Seriously though, talking about beer is what it's all about and I want to know about your beer. Let me know if I'm full of shit, or that I should try another beer, or that the beer I picked is good—but there are better options...and I'm full of shit.

The next question is, where to first?

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