Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Wish I Was in the Land of Cotton... Wait A Minute, I Am.

860 miles with two kids under the age of five; bobbing and weaving around every truck on the eastern seaboard and torrential down pours in Nowheresville, Pennsylvania. Think I really needed a beer? You betcha'. But, where could one find great beer on such a toddler affected interstate sojourn? The Rite-Aid in Ashland, Virginia, of course! After a phenomenal dinner at the Virginia Barbecue Company, (the baked beans and hush puppies are spectacular!) Amy and I thought we should stock up on some snacks for the next day's drive. I should have guessed I'd be in for a treat as I watched the clouds split open and a beautiful, golden column of light shone down from the heavens on to the refrigerated section of the pharmacy—but what did I know? As the six pack levitated into my open arms, (I may have begun to hallucinate from barbecue and road fatigue, at this point) I shed a tear right there amongst the Gatorade and Funions.

Legend Brown Ale you have delivered me.

I'm not going to do a full review on this one, other than to say it really hit the spot. Although gasoline mixed with hillbilly urine, probably would have done the trick at that point. Legend Brewery is a Richmond based brewery and brew pub offering a variety of styles from porter to hefewiezens. The brown was a solid American-style brown with a northern English, chocolate malt slant. Back in the hotel room the beer's malty richness helped to settle my leftover road rage and mellow the searing pain between my eyes. The kids preformed a circus act and used the Holiday Inn Express's bed as a trampoline—Ten hours in a car might have left them a bit rambunctious and the longer than usual naps probably didn't help either. As the kids bounced around the room like two superballs, I laid in a semi-fetal position, across an arm chair and ottoman, suckling the smooth, brown liquid from it's bottle. Slowly I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of  tractor-trailerless open roads.

Did I mention that I really needed a beer?

More beery adventures from the Palmetto State, to come later in the week.

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