Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Better I can write: What do pro beer writers think of amateur beer writers?

I'm a professional graphic designer. I've found out over my career that everyone is a designer. Regardless of education or talent, as long as Microsoft Word and Gimp are installed on their computer, everyone is a designer. Good or bad, everyone is a designer. This is a fact that every design school graduate will soon find out.

What I am not, is a writer. Yes, I can get my point across and every once in a while evoke an emotion. Be that as it may, my grammar is a bit rusty, I am indebted to spell check and I, might, be, a, tad, comma, happy. Yet, I have a blog. The whole dichotomy got me thinking. I love beer; however, I'm wholly unqualified to write about. How does the professional beer blogger feel about that? I'm not just talking about myself, either. How has the influx of amateurs onto the beer writing scene affected professional beer writing? I'll even open the question up to the non-professional, but more well-established beer bloggers. Has the ability for anyone to share their opinion about the state of the beery universe been good or bad for the beer blogisphere?

In light of the Valentine's Day massacre, I'd like to know not how CAMRA views beer blogging, but rather how beer bloggers view each other.

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