Sunday, May 29, 2011

DRANK: Widmer Hefeweizen, Widmer Brothers Brewing Company, Portland, OR - BOTTLE

Cut the grass, clean out the garage, move the wood, fix the front door and remove the front steps handrail. If any day was purpose built to drink beer it was Saturday. After all the hard work what better way to reward oneself than with a pig roast? Dueling birthdayists Roland and Judy rang in their fortieth in both porkified and beery good fashion; offering an eclectic mix of Oskar Blue's Dale's Pale and Butternuts Porkslap Pale Ales, a cornelius keg of Lake Placid Brewery's Ubu Ale and bottles of two lagered treats from Polska—Tyskie and Lech. These must have been all chosen by Judy, she apparently has a nose for such things. At one time, the beer may have been Roland's responsibility, but he was a bit busy jumping over the house. Anyway, it was malted good time, indeed.

Earlier in the day however, I took advantage of an alignment of occurrences. High outdoor temperatures, a sweaty brow, and a refrigerator keeping a hefeweizen nice and chilly. Now I've said before that wheat beers are good, but not my favorite. Nevertheless, they do get to spend a bit of time in the spotlight on days like yesterday.

Off came the cap and instantly I was rewarded with the pheonlic signature of hefeweizens—banana. It's not overpowering, but enough to let you know what your in store for. The beer poured smooth and thick, it's foggy straw color reminding me of creamed honey. A mass of white foam crept towards the top of the weisse glass as the hefe's hazy body settled out. As I took a long taste, a slight citric orangeinees hit the front of my tongue. It's body was smooth and dense, and as I held it in my mouth I noted a slight nuttiness, like whole grain bread, followed by dry cidery crispness. As I continued on my wheaty journey, delicate ribbons of foam clung to the side of the tapered vessle. I wasn't drinking particularly fast, but the lacing continued to hang in suspension until the last of the honey colored liquid was gone.

All in all a good beer day. I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the holiday weekend!

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